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With approximately 5.6 billion google searches per day, it remains a challenge each day to stand out from the crowd. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital marketing tool in ensuring your website is visible worldwide. SEO helps in driving traffic to your website and create opportunities for conversion of prospects to customers.

SEO involves judicious and in-depth keyword analysis, website conversion support, content marketing, SEO e-commerce enhancement and impeccable off-page link building strategies. At Leniko, backed by our in-house content team, we warrant exposure of your company to potential customers on relevant searches. We have become an SEO agency which has a comprehensive array of resources to produce results for you.


Experts in Organic SEO

SEO is an ever evolving field and constant monitoring and tracking is the only way ahead. Appearing on top of search results helps generate revenue. In fact, organic traffic captures nearly 30% of the revenue.

An organic SEO strategy consists of techniques that work together to improve your website search. The most used search engine is Google and Google continuously works towards providing the best possible results for its users. Our target is creating content, keywords and methods that are worthy of Google’s top ranking.

At Leniko, we realise that your business is unique and thus requires unique SEO strategies too. Adding effective keywords specific to your business, adding multimedia to your content and optimizing your website speed and optimizing internal linking are few methods we employ to reap benefits of organic SEO.

Leniko has been in business for over 5 years and we have been able to generate amazing results for our clients. Our SEO methods have translated to volumes of client revenue proving that we are mastering our craft.

Industries We Specialize in SEO

  • Education: Leniko is specialized in offering SEO services for educational websites. We understand the offerings of the institution before curating content and then focus on increasing online traffic to the website.

  • Technology: Optimizing technology-related websites require proper audience knowledge and publishing of fresh content regularly. Leniko helps create geographically relevant content and improves load time of pages to ensure you are ranked on the 1st page of SERP.

  • E-commerce: We are specialized in e-commerce SEO strategy. We concentrate on keyword search, site architecture based on keyword research, unique page titles, esy product listing and mobile friendly responsive designs.

  • Healthcare: Healthcare websites target for high conversion rates and this is our prime focus. We provide robust campaigns for healthcare brands and manage online reviews too, as this plays a vital role on SEO for doctors and hospitals.

  • Travel: We are specialized in optimizing travel websites for different objectives like online booking, leads and organic traffic.

What is included in our SEO Services?

SEO Site Audit: We will analyse the current status of your website to identify your strengths, the opportunity for improvement and define the right action plan and strategy for achieving your SEO Goal.

SEO Keyword Research: Identifying the right target keywords is extremely important in the SEO process. We are equipped with the latest tools to categorize the most popular words and phrases that people are entering and an help you optimize your website and get ahead of your peers.

Technical & On-Page Optimization: Our SEO experts will work on optimizing each SEO parameters in target pages to improve the page relevancy and user experience to rank higher on SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

SEO Copywriting: In SEO, content is the key for improving relevancy. Engaging content improves user trust and average on site time. These metrics will help keyword ranking position improvement. We work on producing keyword optimised content that yield better search engine results.

UI/UX Optimization: We do ample research to understand audience needs. User friendly website wireframe, navigation, engaging content and visual communication, loading time, mobile responsiveness are our focus.

Reporting: Before initiating a project, we analyse all SEO parameters and keep a tab on this as we move forward. This is cross referred as a performance measure. Weekly SEO reports will be shared with activity lists and other progress.

Dedicated Support: Dedicated Support: We deploy dedicated account managers for every SEO project. Our account managers will closely work with you to deliver committed results.

Backlink Management: High-quality backlinks increase visibility for the site and aid in SEO. We work on unique root domains, editorial backlinks, guest blogging backlinks, free-tool backlinks and overall backlinks for a website. We also analyse competitor backlinks and create links from the competitor domains to increase the site’s ranking.


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