By choosing Leniko as your eCommerce partner, you choose a team of eCommerce devotees with many years of industry knowledge and experience. The mixture of expertise and new perspective enables us to work collaboratively most successfully with our customers – advise them to a winning business model, enforce uncompromised quality solutions and lead their businesses to new heights. By delivering a comprehensive collection of eCommerce tools, we ensure that collaboration can be entered at any point of a company's life cycle.

With several years of experience in the industry, we have developed a refined definition of the eCommerce experience, one that strives to be highly interactive, customer-centric and reliable across all marketing channels. We are studying consumer buying behaviour intently: what consumers expect from eCommerce brands, how they act on digital platforms, how their buying decisions can be affected, and more.

Our presence as an eCommerce growth and advisory partner would mean a successful business launch with the right technology stack for some of you. To others – a way to offer their company a new beginning by effectively re-platforming or evolving into a multi-channel project.

Custom Ecommerce Solutions

We offer custom-built E-commerce websites that grow with your business using the technologies - React, Next JS, and Node JS. We tailor the platform to your specific needs.



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