Brand Integration

Brand Integration service provides you with a simple and direct means of generating your brand identity within a particular target market who are potential customers. Brand incorporation helps you to be "in the face" regularly of consumers who have their guard down and are receptive to the advertisement messages they get, as opposed to conventional messaging that has a negative view and shielded reception.

Brand Integration helps you to reach customers by combining products or messages already being viewed within the entertainment content. It is an enhanced product placement method, in which the commodity is essential to the script of the program/show. Inside the script, the brand is interlinked, showing product functions or special features. It usually only happens with a monetary charge, media buy or substantial production supply resulting in considerable cost savings for output.


AIRTEL Brand integration for Odiyan

Leniko has facilitated a collaboration with Aashirvad Cinemas for the branding of Odiyan Malayalam movie and for the branding of the Movie we introduced Airtel for the collaboration. This is the first time in the history of Malayalam Movie mobile Sim’s were launched in the name of a Movie .

Leniko's Next Milestone in Co-branding

Leniko initiates yet another co-branding tie up and this time it's done by featuring the behemoth film 'Marakkar Arabikadalinte Simham' and the ever trending men's wear brand Alan Scott. This brand integration project takes the form of an attractive lucky draw contest that awaits customers who shop Alan Scott shirts. The most fortunate winner of the draw gets an amazing chance to celebrate a splendid evening with none other than 'Marakkar' himself (Mohanlal).

In movie Branding

For the movie Ittymani Made in China we brought Swamyamwara Silks leading textile brand in Kerala . The brand name was showcased in the song.

Script Insertion & Integration

Brand Integration is more assured through production, facilitating the building of Interactive Campaigns and Co-Promotions to promote the joint venture, which includes: co-branded paid media, retail POS, contests & social media marketing campaigns.

Celeb Endorsements

With 89 per cent of the overall Fortune 100 brands aggressively embedding the celebrity marketing campaign, there's really no question about the exceptionally high level of celebrity endorsers impacting our societal structure. The clothes that they wear one day float straight off the shelves the next. When public figures say they like a particular product, that brand 's sales rose in the double-digit percentages. Entertainment Marketing is becoming a major aspect of getting your customers involved and generating revenue. Leniko Solutions will help you develop relationships that harness the power of individual celebrities to introduce new exposure to your brand while obtaining testimonials and photos for use in ads, social media or promotions.


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