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Leniko is an ultimate

digital agency in Kochi,India

that provides holistic solutions to almost all the aspects of a business or service oriented firm. Ensuring global business standards and aspiring to exceed our customers’ expectations, we deliver IT services and integrated design services in India and other key international markets.



digital agency based in Kochi,India

offers exemplary services in Information technology, Legal services, and Digital Marketing. Our organization envisions and instigates the adoption of flexible business practices which enables our clients to operate efficiently and to propel their growth. We have a team of young dedicated professionals who are experts in diverse fields, necessary for the optimization of our client’s business. We are equipped with the ability to tackle unexpected challenges and to provide a reliable support. We ensure the satisfaction of our clients to the maximum.



IT services provider Kochi,India

is the brainchild of experts from various sectors. Leniko in the beginning was dedicated to the cause of creating quality websites and creative web designs. The team behind Leniko wanted to take Leniko an extra mile in each stage of its growth. Thus making it an unique firm which provides holistic solutions to almost all aspects of service based business. We have the speciality and talent of young and vibrant team working on the basis of guidelines and expert experience.

Our organisation specializes in creating engaging digital experiences and is always striving to provide the best possible solutions for every challenge that comes to us.We design unique solutions pushing the boundaries of technology and user experience. With the help of strategic marketing campaigns and careful analysis of user engagement, we are continually making improvements and providing on demand support, helping our clients grow. Equipped with years of experience in the industry, and a team of vibrant young professionals we will optimize your business.