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We live in a digital world where the internet is the paramount source of information. 6.75 million health-related Google searches happen every day. 60% of the global population uses search engines to look for essential health care services and needs.

In this competitive world of healthcare, a digital presence is mandatory. The use of digital marketing allows you to stay in touch with current and new patients whenever they need you.


Wizards of Lead Generation

With 8+ years of continuous presence in healthcare digital marketing management Leniko helps to clear the paths needed to get to the audience in a concise and comprehensible manner. We have helped numerous hospital managements to deliver and create communication strategies and inspiring narratives.

Our expertise lies in delivering the right message at the right time, through advanced modes of communication and technological strategies. We are A+ partners of Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Our Specialized Packages Include

  1. Social Media Management - Leniko is specialized in managing the social handles that cater to the audience of the healthcare arena. We turn complex content of the healthcare industry into an understandable and common form which makes it plausible to the audience.

  2. Technical Support - From website creation to management Leniko is the expert in providing any technical support needed for our clients.

  3. Lead Generation - Leniko is designed to produce high-quality healthcare sales leads and appointments, which are implemented through targeted healthcare lead generation service

  4. Content Creation - We are experts in changing complex medical concepts into an understandable format, thus making it comprehensible even for a layman

  5. Doctor Profiling - Today the Indian healthcare industry is extremely competitive with so many hospitals competing for the mind share and the market share. In that case, you can make your hospital and doctors stand apart through doctor profiling.

  6. Public Relations - Leniko has the potential to review, manage and boost your reputation through ultimate client/patient management services

  7. Search Engine Optimization - With the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and techniques Leniko will boost you to the true potential you deserve.

  8. PPC Advertising - Through PPC advertising Leniko successfully navigates the highly competitive field of healthcare advertising. The pay-per-click advertising model directs traffic to websites when the viewer clicks an Internet ad.

Hall of Fame

    Covid Care - In house online campaign to promote and popularize online healthcare services

    How are You? - Doctors Day campaign for VPS Lakeshore

    The Largest Model of a Human Organ in the Shape of a Heart -Guinness World Record celebration campaign - VPS Lakeshore


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