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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system or software that offers visibility & control of operations across the multiple functions within an enterprise, which helps manage resources such as money, time, people and machines efficiently and boost ROI in the process. It is basically a large database with simplified or automated data collection, organisation, and analysis. Integrating all internal-external systems and software present in your enterprise, an ERP would then be able to record incoming data from all departments and subsequently offer central and secure access to only authorised users. Not only does it get rid of operational inefficiencies, data duplication, unexpected downtime, non-compliance and human errors, but also helps visualise that data for just-in-time transactions and quicker decisions. Not implementing an ERP software can be a competitive disadvantage for any company as it automates and fast-tracks daunting processes for a business.

Designing an ERP solution is a complex task which involves numerous steps on account of the vast data points being generated at various sources. It involves a deep understanding of all business processes in the company. An ERP consultant should be able to understand how exactly the organization is functioning in order to achieve its goals. Be it an SME or a large business, ERP implementation involves processing of vast amounts of information. An ERP can automate, streamline and accelerate business processes for you irrespective of the industry you operate in. One can also go for industry-specific ERP solutions, which cater to the needs and exceptions of a particular industry. In fact, in today’s cluttered marketplace, it becomes imperative for every business to be equipped with a robust and smart ERP software if they hope to have a competitive edge in the market.

Leniko’s team of ERP consultants come with a deep understanding of ERP modules and have extensive experience working with different clients from diverse industries. We offer a host of core ERP modules ( CRM, Planning, Material, Stores and Inventory, Production, Purchase, Quality Control and Assurance, Finance, Subcontracting, etc) that can help you scale faster and more efficiently. Our consultants analyze your business completely to gain a clear picture of what is required to automate processes and recommend improvisations to your business processes that can enhance productivity. You can receive real-time updates that greatly help in making key decisions regarding your business. Instant reports can be generated so that you are on top of each task as it progresses. Our data analytics gives you a bird’s eye view on the growth of every process taking place in the company. The right ERP greatly increases the accuracy of your future projections and helps you remove possible irregularities in current processes. With on-cloud as well as on-premise implementation done by Leniko, you can stay up-to-date at all times. We optimize your company’s overall efficiency through resource tracking, data management, reports, and insights. With Leniko’s ERP solution, be assured to gain complete visibility into your core business operations.


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